Getting Your Accreditation

This standard comprises a combination of evidence gathering against key indicators, as well as external assessment.

Gaining the Quality 4 Health + Wellbeing Accreditation

The process for gaining Quality 4 Health + Wellbeing has been based around the classic quality cycle model; a systematic series of steps for gaining valuable learning and knowledge for the continual improvement of a product or service.

 This standard comprises of a combination of evidence gathering against key indicators, as well as external assessment. Applying organisations are given up to twelve months to complete their evidence gathering. The Quality 4 Health + Wellbeing accreditation, once achieved, lasts for up to two years at which time organisations can choose to renew giving an additional year whilst they work towards their reaccreditation. 

What is involved in working towards Quality 4 Health + Wellbeing?

The Quality 4 Health + Wellbeing accreditation requires organisational commitment, and devoted staff time to work through the quality areas, as well as gathering evidence and implementing changes and recommendations.  We fully understand that resources are limited in some VCSE organisations however the benefits of accreditation will support organisational growth.

What Do Organisations Receive When Signing Up?

As part of the Quality 4 Health + Wellbeing package, organisations will receive:

Work Pack/Self Assessment

Access to the Q4H+W Online Portal

Technical Support

Telephone Helpline

Supporting Information and Resources

Signposting Support to Help Your Organisation Develop

Assessment by Independent Auditors

Quality Improvement Plan

Supporting Information and Resources

A Recognised Quality Standard Certificate.

Promotion of Your Organisation on the Q4H+W Website

Promotion of Your Organisation on the Q4H+W Social Media

Extra Support

There is also extra support available to organisations for service improvement via our capacity building model which can be bought in addition or built into area specific Quality 4 Health + Wellbeing packages where funded from local public sector commissioners as part of strategic investment in promoting delivery of services through VCSE organisations.

Quality Areas

Quality 4 Health + Wellbeing measures nine quality areas through a series of indicator sets:

Service User Experience

Developing and delivering approaches that support service users to take an active part in their health.

Safety & Safeguarding

Ensuring those accessing services and support are kept safe from abuse and avoidable harm.


Creating positive health outcomes for individuals, families and communities.

Health promotion

Delivering preventative approaches and supporting people to manage their own health.

Equality and Diversity

Embedding a pro-active commitment to equality, diversity and anti-discriminatory practice.

Leadership & Management

Building solid foundations of Leadership and Management that work together to support the delivery of quality services


Ensuring overall direction, effectiveness, supervision, and accountability.

Outcomes & Impact

Understanding and demonstrating the difference made and the impact on the health and wellbeing of service users.


Knowing the local area and connecting with other services and networks in order to provide the best possible outcomes for service users.


Quality 4 Health + Wellbeing has three levels which are designed to support the growth and development of an organisation – providing a framework within which they can develop depending on their size, focus of service delivery and vision for the future.  At all levels, achievement of the accreditation will enable a better understanding of your organisation and service delivery.  Whether using Quality 4 Health +Wellbeing as a development tool, a stamp of approval or both the accreditation will support your organisation to deliver high quality health and wellbeing services.

This covers the necessary foundations for primarily volunteer led organisations delivering health and wellbeing services.  Accreditation will  support the establishment of structures and processes whilst developing person centred approaches.

Organisations delivering at this level will have organisational structures, policies and procedures established.  They may have paid staff and will have been delivering health and wellbeing services for at least two years. Accreditation will enable a better understanding of their delivery to support the development and delivery of outcome focused health and wellbeing. Level 1 builds upon the Foundation Level and embeds a person-centred approach across the organisation.  

Level 2, the highest level currently available, is most suitable for organisations that deliver several health and wellbeing services working from either one central office base or across several sites.

Accreditation at this level will demonstrate impact, leadership, partnership working and innovation in the development and delivery of person centred services. Organisations will have robust structures and processes in place that are reviewed regularly throughout the organisation. This level also requires evidence of supporting and/or mentoring other providers.


Quality 4 Health + Wellbeing assessments are carried out by external assessors.  The assessment process is over two stages: a desk top review of the evidence followed by a site visit. The site visit offers the opportunity for organisations to showcase their work and assessors to talk to the people involved and observe the services being delivered.  

After Accreditation

We believe that accreditation is just the first step of your journey, and as a result, your Quality 4 Health + Wellbeing accreditation entitles you to a number of exclusive benefits, including:

Local Authorities

We are currently working with a number of Local Authorities to support the development of the voluntary and community sector.  We are achieving this by helping to demonstrate the quality and outcomes for their services users and supporting organisations to be ready to deliver public sector contracts, such as social prescribing. We could also support Local Authorities to improve quality within your care home settings by offering a bespoke support package.

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Clinical Commissioning Groups

Quality For Health was developed in partnership with Calderdale CCG. We are working with a number of CCGs who are interested in quality assurance for voluntary and community organisations delivering health services, enabling them to demonstrate the difference their organisations make to services users and patients by delivering high quality services. CCGs may be interested to support their local voluntary and community sector and be more confident around commissioning and referrals through working with Quality For Health. Quality For Health can also support priorities laid out in the NHS Long Term Plan, such as social prescribing and supporting organisations delivering prevention, mental health and support for carers. 

Quality For Health can also be used as a useful tool in bringing partners together to develop Primary Care Networks.

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